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Tailored to support storage tank analysis workflows the Trimble® RealWorks®Advanced-Tank Edition software features highly-automated, efficient workflows to thoroughly analyze complex datasets, reducing the time required to create inspection reports and volume filling tables from 3D laser scan data.

  • Create high-density 3D models of your storage tanks
  • Analyze the data following API 653 Standard guidelines
  • Automatically detect out-of-tolerance areas

Automatically detect out of tolerance areas, produce reports according to API 653 Standard guidelines, and highly-accurate holding volume calibration tables. The reports can also be used in text and spreadsheet editing software for additional customization.

Complete Coverage

Traditional inspection methods take sample measurements around the tanks which allows for the potential to miss problem areas. High speed laser scanning can capture the entire surface of the tank with centimeter resolution or less.

Safety and Efficiency

Many times, a storage tank can be fully measured by a single person in less than and hour without the need to use ladders or lifts.

Ease of Use

Intuitive software designed specifically for the storage tank industry makes field data capture and office processing straight forward and efficient. The Advanced Tank edition of Trimble RealWorks provides powerful tools for analyzing data and creating industry specific reports.

Depending on your requirements, Trimble offers a wide range of hardware and software solutions. 

Combining the power of advanced laser scanning technology with software tailored to support storage tank analysis produces superior results while saving time in the field and office. Quickly collect accurate, detailed measurements of complex storage tank features missed by traditional methods.

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  • Inspection
    • Roundness
    • Verticality
    • Bottom Settlement
    • Shell Settlement
  • Volume Calibration
    • Strapping Table
    • Filling Table
  • Secondary Volume Containment Analysis
    • Volume
    • Spill Point

Streamlined Workflow Trimble RealWorks Advanced-Tank offers a streamlined, guided workflow to quickly produce spatial inspection deliverables.

  • Import and register laser scanning point clouds
  • Clean the data set to focus on the tank shell
  • Define the inspection stations around perimeter
  • Define courses and vertical inspection intervals
  • Define tank bottom inspection intervals
  • Define tolerances for automatic issue detection
  • Perform additional, focused inspection on out-of tolerance features
  • Generate industry-standard reports with customized content

Requisitos del sistema

  • Sistema operativo: Microsoft® Windows® 8.1, 10: 64 bits
  • Procesador: 2.8 Ghz (4 núcleos) o superior
    (se recomienda ampliamente usar núcleos adicionales compatibles con HyperThreading)
  • RAM: mínimo de 16 GB (se recomienda 2 GB por cadena de procesamiento o 4 GB por núcleo de procesamiento si se usa HyperThreading)*
  • Tarjeta VGA: OpenGL 3.3 compatible con 1GB de VRAM como mínimo. Se recomienda OpenGL 4.4 con 3GB de VRAM para obtener el máximo rendimiento
  • Ratón de 3 botones

Otros requisitos

  • Se recomienda enfáticamente utilizar una unidad de estado sólido (SSD) para obtener el máximo rendimiento (de preferencia, de 256GB).

Idiomas compatibles

  • Chinese Simplified
  • German
  • Ruso (opcional)
  • Inglés
  • Italiano
  • Español
  • Finlandés
  • Japonés
  • French
  • Coreano

*La cantidad de RAM disponible afectará directamente su capacidad de abrir todos los puntos de un conjunto de datos de gran tamaño en un tiempo razonable. Vea a continuación las cargas de puntos máximas sugeridas en relación con el RAM disponible:

8GB: 250 millones
16GB: 500 millones
24GB: 750 millones
32GB: mil millones
63GB: 2 mil millones

Importante: Es posible que cantidades de datos mayores demoren más en abrir.