Electrical Substation Survey
This dataset includes a Trimble Business Center project with fully classified scans of an electrical substation along with a surface model and contours.
Pre-Refurbishment Survey
An old building was surveyed, both inside and outside, using the Trimble X7 laser scanner in order to perform analyses ahead of refurbishment.
Old Building Floor Plan Study
This project, captured with a Trimble X7 laser scanner, highlights the automatic classification capabilities within Trimble RealWorks.
Field-to-Finish with TBC
Starting with a clean point cloud captured by a Trimble MX9, Trimble Business Center completes this project with classified scans, extracted features, as well as designed corridor and utility…
Land Survey with Multiple Sensors
This Trimble Business Center project illustrates a complete land surveying workflow with seamless data integration from multiple sensors including GNSS, total station, digital level, and scanner.
Building Elevation Project
This dataset contains scans that were captured using the Trimble SX10 scanning total station as well as drafting results created with the Trimble Business Center drafting module.
SX10 Integrated Surveying Project
This dataset was collected using a Trimble SX10 scanning total station with two stations linked together using the IS Rover (Integrated Surveying) technique.
Historic Tower Scan
Data for this project was captured using the Trimble X7 laser scanner and saved in Trimble RealWorks for further operations.