Building Deformation Monitoring using Integrated Survey
Utilizing the new Trimble Business Center Monitoring module, the same points were collected at three different epochs to monitor building deformation. Users will learn how to process and manage…
TBM As-Built Scan
This Trimble Business Center project demonstrates how to perform automatic geo-referencing and classification using SX10 scans for TBM tunnel as-built verification.
Tunnel Inspection Map
Tunnel Shotcrete Verification using Scan Data
Utilizing laser scanning data from a Trimble TX8, this Trimble Business Center project demonstrates how to perform tunnel construction control for excavation, shotcrete, and final lining in a NATM/…
Virtual Survey of an Intersection
This project demonstrates the capability of Trimble Business Center (TBC) to process and analyze scanning data. Starting with a dataset from an intersection, point and line features are extracted,…
Dam Scanning Project
The point cloud data in this project was collected using the Trimble X7 and was colorized, refined, geo-referenced and exported directly in the field.
Visión general
TBC Network Adjustment with Multi-Sensor Data
These two TBC projects demonstrate how to adjust networks containing data from GNSS receivers, total stations, and digital levels. A surveyor’s must.
Electrical Substation Survey
This dataset includes a Trimble Business Center project with fully classified scans of an electrical substation along with a surface model and contours.
Pre-Refurbishment Survey
An old building was surveyed, both inside and outside, using the Trimble X7 laser scanner in order to perform analyses ahead of refurbishment.