Minimum system guidelines:

Your Android device must at least meet the following system specifications to install the Trimble Catalyst service:

  • Android 5.0 or higher
  • 64-bit CPU with at least 4x Arm® cores (6x or more Arm cores recommended)
  • Maximum Core speed 1.5 GHz or higher
  • 1.5 GB of RAM or higher

Recommended Android system settings:

The Android operating system is highly customizable. Some settings can negatively affect the performance of the Trimble Catalyst Service by limiting the computing resources that are usable by the application. To optimize performance of Trimble Catalyst, we recommend your Android phone or tablet adheres to the following system settings:

  • Disable Battery Optimization - Battery optimization is designed to prolong battery runtime by lowering/reducing system resources used by individual applications. Ensure that battery optimization is disabled for any applications using Trimble Catalyst, including the Trimble Catalyst Service, and the Trimble Mobile Manager app. For information on how to disable Battery Optimization, refer to the user documentation for your Android device.
  • Disable Root Access - Trimble Catalyst will not work on devices that have root access enabled. For information on how to disable Root Access, refer to the user documentation for your Android device.

Powering the Catalyst DA1 antenna using USB-OTG:

The Trimble Catalyst DA1 antenna needs to be connected to a power source to communicate with your Android device. The antenna can be powered either with the supplied USB battery pack, or by drawing power directly from your Android device’s battery over the USB connection. 

  • To power the antenna with an external battery pack - Plug in the supplied battery pack (or any off the shelf USB battery pack) to the USB power connector on the DA1 antenna. Using this method, the external battery pack will power the antenna, and can also provide additional power to your Android phone or tablet.
  • To power the antenna over the USB connection to your Android device - Your device needs to support the “USB On-The-Go” standard (USB-OTG). Check with your device vendor to determine if your device can support this workflow.

Compatible devices:

Check your device's specification against the minimum system guidelines listed above. If in doubt, contact your local Trimble Distributor, or ask a question on the Trimble Catalyst Community.

Compatible Trimble devices:

The following Trimble devices are compatible with the Trimble Catalyst service:

  • Trimble Nomad 5 handheld

  • Trimble TDC600 handheld